The NB1RI (KA1RCI) Repeater Network

Narragansett Bay Amateur Radio Club



Trustee: KC1KCC Control Operators: K1JST, N1BS, KA1RXB

NB1RI Repeaters:

Output Input Call CTCSS Location Notes
53.17 52.17 NB1RI 67.0 Portsmouth Poor RX
145.17 144.57 NB1RI 67.0 Cumberland Linked
145.19 144.59 NB1RI 67.0 Richmond Linked
146.46 144.96 NB1RI 67.0 West Greenwich Unlinked
146.985 146.385 NB1RI 67.0 Exeter Linked
147.075 147.675 NB1RI 67.0 Portsmouth Linked
147.39 147.99 NB1RI 67.0 Westerly Linked
223.84 222.24 NB1RI 67.0 Coventry Linked
224.56 222.96 NB1RI 67.0 North Providence Linked
449.325 444.325 NB1RI 127.3 Providence Link
449.375 444.375 NB1RI 127.3 TBA Link2 Coming Soon

NB1RI Other Repeaters:

Output Input Callsign CTCSS/Mode Location Notes
145.35 144.75 N1BS 67.0 N. Providence Linked
448.825 443.825 K1EWG DMR CC2 Coventry Linked TS2 TG 3105992
448.575 443.575 K1LBG 88.5 Wrentham MA Linked

NB1RI Other ways to access:

Echolink - NB1RI-R

Allstarlink - Node 2350


Brandmeister - TG 3105992 NB1RI

Nets on the Air

Net When
RI ARES Net Tuesdays at 1900
SKYWARN Wednesdays at 1900
RI Swap and Sell Net Saturdays at 0900



This repeater network was built by Steve Hodell KA1RCI (now a silent key) and a team of dedicated hams who helped him. It is owned by his wife Sandy KA1RXB. Steve kept a detailed history of the network on his website Unfortunately, with his passing the ability to maintain the old site was lost. His wife, KA1RXB Sandy, unsuccessfully attempted to convince the hosting company to release access to her. It is no longer available on the internet. In the spirit of maintaining this historical record, we have replicated the contents of here in the Archive section. The accuracy of the information contained in the archive get further from the current state of the network as it evolves, but it is still interesting reading.

The NB1RI Repeater Network is maintained by a group of dedicated volunteers who have generously donated their time, resources, and talents to keep it on the air. The network is currently maintained by the trustee Adam KC1KCC, the control operator Jeremy K1JST, and a team of volunteers. The names and faces may have changed through the years, but their efforts are appreciated by the Rhode Island Amateur Radio Community. Monetary support is provided by the RI Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Foundation.

Friendly Neighbors


Adam and Jeremy’s Other Repeaters

Output Input Callsign CTCSS/Mode Location Notes
29.62 29.52 KC1KCC 88.5 Coventry Coming Soon
53.11 52.11 KC1KCC 77.0 Coventry Coming Soon
145.31 145.71 K1EWG M17 Exeter Coming Soon
146.715 146.115 K1NQG 67.0 Exeter Fidelity ARC - Coming soon
448.825 443.825 K1EWG DMR CC2 Coventry Brandmeister

Quahog Repeater Network

We have the capability to link with the Quahog Repeater Network when the need arises thanks to the efforts of Adam KC1KCC, Jed N1JBC, and the many others who work with them to keep things running. You may find QRN connected during various nets to test this functionality and expand our reach.


We work closely in cooperation with RICOMU/WA1USA on various projects. We are excited about their recent repeater network expansion and the RI Mesh Network work they are completing with a grant from the ARDC.

What about you?

NB1RI is ready and willing to provide troubleshooting assistance or advise on repeater projects or other cool stuff in and around RI. Drop us a line if you need a hand or want to chat about a cool idea.

We also have a large amount of N connectors for FSJ1-50A and FSJ4-50B, DIN connectors for LDF6-50, FSJ4 transmission line, and various mobile radios, power supplies, power amplifiers, repeater controllers, and other bits and bobs of repeater related equipment available for purchase. If there’s something you need, hit us up before you overpay on ebay.